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Chimaltenango, Guatemala: science and technology to create opportunities for school-age youth

The initiative, distinguished for its audiovisual production, focuses on the gap in the quality of education in the rural areas of the Central American city.

How to create opportunities so that rural children and adolescents in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, do not abandon their studies? Every year, thousands upon thousands are forced to work from an early age or even migrate irregularly in search of economic opportunities. 

“We want to tell stories of men and women who graduate from a university, who find a decent job in their community and who live an American dream, but without leaving their country,” says a voice in off in the award-winning video in this stage of the 2022 Local Innovators Program.

The alliance between Juan José Asensio, social leader of entrepreneurship “1bot”, and Gladys Elena Cojon Saquec, in charge of the municipal office of Local Economic Development, aims to make these wishes come true. 

The challenge is to generate opportunities through science and technology, both in urban and rural areas. While thousands of young people leave their homes, a few kilometers away there are international companies that are looking for talent and cannot find it. The key is to bring those extremes closer together. 

In this new +Comunidad supplement, intended for the AYNI Local Innovators Program / Communities of Systemic Innovation, you will be able to learn stories of improvement and inspiration to transform multiple local realities. Don't miss the news through the RIL networks.

Main image: girls in rural Guatemala. Image obtained from globalfundforchildren. 

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