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How to train local facilitators to strengthen collaborative leadership

15 local leaders, both municipal and social, participated in the 2023 Local Facilitators Training, where they delved into collaborative leadership tools and systemic innovation.

One of AYNI*'s main programs is the Training of Local Facilitators, where leaders from the public and social sector are guided on a path towards collaborative leadership and innovation. Through this program, a navigation map and a set of methodological tools are provided to strengthen local leadership and foster collaboration in cities.

During 2023, 10 social leaders and 5 government leaders from 15 different cities around the world participated. Meet the training participants here.

Main Training Focus 

Collaborative innovation is a dynamic that materializes when individuals with similar interests, objectives or challenges come together to share and exchange ideas, knowledge and resources. This synergy not only amplifies creativity, but also enhances the ability to find effective solutions to complex problems, generating a deeper and lasting impact on society. The central focus of the training lies on collaborative innovation. 

Training Structure

Each leader or pair of leaders apply to the Training with an initiative that provides a solution to a problem in their city. Many of these leaders previously completed the Local Innovators Program – 6-month training where municipal and social leaders co-create with the community a solution to an urgent problem in their city. 

The training is made up of four webinars dedicated to leaders, each focused on a different dimension of collaborative innovation. The first dimension is that of INTUNE: leaders review their understanding of the original problem by delving into human-centered design. 

The second dimension is COLLABORATE: the skills, frameworks and resources to work collaboratively and convene diverse voices in the co-design of the proposed initiative are analyzed and deepened. 

The third is INNOVATE: leaders acquire skills, frameworks and resources that facilitate the adoption of innovative design and development methodologies for projects with high systemic impact. 

The fourth and final dimension is that of ELEVATE: leaders acquire tools that allow them to understand the importance of designing sustainable and high-impact projects and find the best way to communicate and monitor them. 

Celina Perez Adamo, Secretary of Development and Production of San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, participated in the training in 2023 and shared that for her this space was a “non-competition bubble”, that is, a program where collaboration by above the competition.

“Education never ends. It has been great to learn from other teams' projects and discover that we have common challenges. We come away understanding that failure can be an opportunity.”

Dr. Astronaut Bagile, Ifakara, Tanzania

After the webinars, a consulting clinic (individual meetings) is held with the participants to identify the dimensions in which it is necessary to stop and review the path taken. This helps consolidate your initiatives and provides the necessary tools to successfully execute your projects.

Kenji Robles Ramírez, local facilitator from Ixchel, Mexico, participating in the first webinar.

This training offers a unique opportunity for local leaders to strengthen their collaborative leadership capabilities and create initiatives that generate an impact in their communities. 

To learn more about the Community of Local Innovators: AYNI, visit our website:

*AYNI is an initiative promoted by four social organizations (RIL, Ashoka, Vía Educación and CoLab) that have a common objective: to promote systemic innovation and collaborative leadership in various cities around the world. 

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