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Inclusion and equity


The team from Santiago de Cali, Colombia won the award for best video pitch in the Local Innovators Program with its initiative InnBaVu (Innovation in Vulnerable Neighborhoods) – Tourism Club.

In commune 20 of Santiago de Cali there is a lack of knowledge and connection of young people regarding the history, culture and environmental wealth of the area. Miguel Angel Tabares Montilla (social leader) and Linda Garzón Rocha (municipal leader) never felt indifferent to this reality. For this reason, they decided to enroll in the 2023 Local Innovators Program and created the initiative: “InnBaVu (Innovation in Vulnerable Neighborhoods) – Tourism Cub”, which proposes to develop a collective meeting and learning space for young people from Commune 20 of Cali, Colombia, where issues related to knowledge of the territory and basic notions of tourism.

As part of the final delivery of the PIL, the teams create a video pitch that must reflect the problem and the initiative they propose using audiovisual resources that impact and mobilize the viewer. The team's video pitch was highlighted by the evaluation committee as the best video pitch of PIL 2023. Watch it below:

Video pitch of the Santiago de Cali team

⏯️If you want to know the rest of the pitch videos of the initiatives presented, you can watch them here.

The Santiago de Cali team created its video within the framework of the 2023 Local Innovators Program: a project promoted by AYNI, an initiative made up of the social organizations RIL, Ashoka, Vía Educación and CoLab.  

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