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Sustainable habitats

Formosa, Argentina: an alliance so that moving around the city is not an impossible mission

The project, distinguished in this photographic stage, makes visible the barriers that exist to travel on the streets and sidewalks of Formosa.

In the city of Formosa, capital of the homonymous province in northeastern Argentina, numerous streets and sidewalks present obstacles to normal circulation. The situation is especially sensitive for those people who have limitations in their mobility and are faced with poorly designed ramps and raised tiles. 

Within the framework of the 2022 Local Innovators Program, the alliance between entrepreneurship Ko.Pora (means “living well” in Guaraní) and the municipal Urban Planning Directorate seeks to resolve these problems. Belén Ahumada, Santiago Iberbuden (social leaders) and Maria Emilia Romea (municipal leader) have in mind to improve expressways, bicycle lanes and sidewalks in this city inhabited by more than 500,000 people.

For its work, the team also takes into consideration environmental criteria and analyzes alternatives based on sustainable architecture.

Combining photographs with texts and symbols, these are the images that stood out in this instance of the initiative:

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