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Inclusion and equity


Writer and promoter of inclusion: César Olmos participated in the 2023 Local Innovators Program and together with his team created an initiative that seeks digital accessibility in schools.

César Roberto Olmos, a 45-year-old man, is a retired nurse due to his visual disability. Facing his condition, César found in writing a space for creativity and healing, demonstrating that, with resilience, determination and effort, great achievements can be achieved. 

César participated in the 2023 Local Innovators Program (PIL), as part of the Córdoba team, where he contributed from the creation and communication of the project. The initiative proposed by his team was: “Córdoba Edu-Accesible” – digital ramps, which seeks to make digital education accessible to everyone. The search is aimed at eliminating the barriers that prevent everyone from having access to education, building devices and adaptations necessary to make the learning process inclusive and accessible to a diversity of people.

“In some way, I wanted to show others that from any condition you can write, narrate, create and share what you do. What really matters is not the condition, but the desire and effort that one puts into the task,” said César.

In his city, César aspires to create inclusive and accessible spaces. Its vision focuses on constant dialogue, co-creation and the removal of barriers so that all voices are heard and that rights and values are inalienable. Through its work in the Local Innovators Program (PIL), it seeks to mobilize and give a voice to those who need it most to build a more just society full of opportunities.

Another of his great vocations is writing. He had publications in literary anthologies, including texts created with a group of writers from Argentina. His talent led him to be invited and participate in a literary workshop made up of people with disabilities, which led to an anthology that received recognition from the Deliberative Council and was declared of legislative interest in the city of Córdoba.

In addition to his work as a writer, César also creates content for radio and schools, expanding his impact in the community. Her story breaks barriers and creates a more inclusive and accessible world for all.

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