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About AYNI

About us?

AYNI It means reciprocity and mutualism between people and communities in the Quechua language. We are one initiative promoted by organizations (RIL, CoLab, Vía Educación and Ashoka) committed to systemic innovation, he collaborative leadership and the transformation of cities

What do we do?

We unite, train and accompany a community of local innovators from different sectors who collaborate and co-create collective initiatives with systemic impact in cities around the world.

How do we do it?

Local Innovators Program: A powerful 6-month co-creation experience for teams of social entrepreneurs, local government leaders, young learners, communicators and other city leaders, where collective initiatives with systemic impact are incubated and accelerated.

Local Solutions Marketplace: A marketplace to develop and invest in collective initiatives with systemic impact.

Peer community: A global community of local innovators made up of social entrepreneurs, local government leaders, young learners and communicators, who connect, exchange and strengthen each other to multiply impact initiatives in cities.

AYNI in stories: A platform where communicators make visible the challenges, solutions and stories of transformation that occur in the cities that are part of AYNI

Why AYNI in Stories?

At AYNI en Historias, we want to tell you about the people who are creating initiatives, from a systemic and collaborative approach, that seek to solve the most urgent problems that their citizens experience.

We seek to inspire you through experiences, actions and tools of systemic innovation and collaborative leadership.

What type of information can you find it in our notes?

AYNI in the magnifying glass: In these notes we tell you about the processes, searches, solutions and ideas that the teams that are part of our AYNI ecosystem are going through.

Sustainable habitats / Inclusion and equity / Economic opportunities / New and different capacities: These are the thematic axes that run through the initiatives of the teams that are part of our AYNI ecosystem.