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festival innovación
festival innovación

AYNI in the magnifying glass

The Local Innovators Program, present at the largest innovation festival for the public sector

The winning teams of the 2022 edition participated in the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin, Germany. At the event, people from different countries around the world shared experiences and outstanding examples of innovative public administrations

In June 2023, the German capital once again brought together representatives of governments and civil society to celebrate public innovation. In it Creative Bureaucracy Festival The fundamental role of collaboration and action in the transformation of cities was highlighted, and inspiring initiatives from different corners of the planet were presented.

One of the highlights of the festival was the panel “A Bureaucracy of Action: Community, Scale, Movement” (Bureaucracy in action: community, scale and movement, in English). They participated in it Candelaria Yanzi, deputy executive director of RIL (Local Innovation Network), and Linda Peia, by Ashoka Global. The Local Innovators Program was presented as an initiative that seeks to foster innovation in local governments and promote joint work between the public sector and civil society.

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In addition, the festival was accompanied by the Innovators coordinator. Florence  Gay, and with the presence of the outstanding teams of the 2022 Local Innovators Program, who shared their experiences in a panel titled “Systems-Change Collaboratives: Insights from Cities in Latin America And Africa” (Systemic change collaborations: perspectives from cities in Latin America and Africa). Karina Sanchez and Claudio Garcia, of Junin, Argentina; Maria Alejandra Llosa, of tie, Peru; and Diego Moreno, of Bogota, Colombia, shared their success stories and how the program has driven them to create positive change in their respective communities.

Participants agreed that the Creative Bureaucracy Festival was an enriching space that allowed the exchange of ideas, inspiration and collaboration between various actors who seek to transform bureaucracy into a creative and effective force for the well-being of communities. In this publication You can see their testimonies.

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Events like the Festival in Berlin strengthen the momentum of programs like Local Innovators and demonstrate that it is possible to generate significant change through its principles. 

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