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Economic opportunities

Bogotá, Colombia: efforts to reverse the informality of the recycling population

The project, winner in this video stage, seeks to make urban recyclers visible, based on the recognition of the value of their work and their contribution to sustainable development.

In Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, dozens of families are forced to work in the so-called illicit economy. Given the lack of opportunities in the fields, many people dedicate themselves to sorting through the garbage and selling what they recover in informal markets. All without being able to guarantee their daily livelihood and exposed to high levels of insecurity. 

Within the framework of the 2022 Local Innovators Program, the alliance between Ivan Felipe Moreno, from the National Planning Department; Marcela Guzman Castro, from the social entrepreneurship “León Veracruz Consultores”; and Juan Diego Moreno, from the Más Colombia organization, seeks to contribute to the development of the social fabric of these vulnerable communities and victims of the conflict. 

“The human being is an animal that gets used to any climate, any job…” says one of the protagonists of the award-winning video with resignation. “One no longer wants to have anything to do with garbage, but there is no other choice,” says another man in a vulnerable situation from a Bogotá highway. 

In particular, the problem exposed is the informality and stigmatization suffered by a large part of the recycling population in Bogotá.

In this new +Comunidad supplement, intended for the AYNI Local Innovators Program / Communities of Systemic Innovation, you will be able to learn stories of improvement and inspiration to transform multiple local realities. Don't miss the news through the RIL networks. 


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