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AYNI in the magnifying glass

With five photographs, teams from the program expose their greatest challenges

As part of the global initiative that seeks impact solutions in different communities, dozens of projects were encouraged to present images that describe the problems they wish to solve. See the featured photographs at AYNI.

The program Cities of Opportunities 2022, a promoter of local innovation in communities belonging to more than 20 countries, adds new creative instances. In particular, audiovisual productions are gaining weight as tools to inspire and generate impact when presenting the realities that they seek to transform. 

With the ultimate goal of telling their stories and looking for alternatives to implement them, the participating teams were invited to present the problems they face in five images or photographs. The event was carried out between August and September 2022, and resulted in high-level presentations and two award-winning teams. 

One of them is from Blantyre (Malawi), who works in the town of Ndirande. Its objective is the sanitation of the habitat in the absence of an adequate wastewater network.

The second distinguished team was from the city of Formosa (Argentina), which seeks to improve numerous problems in its urban circulation system. 

Another award-winning project was that of Heredia (Costa Rica), which advances in the formulation of alternatives to promote local student participation:

Photographs of a project in Cali (Colombia) were also highlighted, which seeks to “resignify and transform the space of the Monument (anti-monument) of Puerto Resistencia into a pluralistic tourist place to reclaim memory about social struggles and the social outbreak of 2021 In colombia":

2022 is a year full of news for the Cities of Opportunities Program, based on systemic innovation, collaborative work and change networks. You can follow them on AYNI, the new +Comunidad supplement.

Main image: aerial view of the town of Ndirande, the affected population in Blantyre, Malawi.

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